Welcome to a database of my next game: Battlestar Valkyrie

Hi people. This is my idea/ideas for a game that I will be GameMastering in about a month or so… My idea was 'What happened to the ships that were all grouped together during the attack? Could they have survived if they had enough numbers?' Then I remembered the people from Galactica in the miniseries when they took 2 radiers head on… and lost. Baltar gave the cylons the codes, so I wondered 'How could they have survived?' was it blind luck, like in Pegasus' case? On to the Ship Herself No one knew why (or at least none of the viewers) William Adama was transfered to the Galactica. The incursion into cylon territory was little talked about, and the crew members found great shock when their beloved commander was transfered. In his place, commander Jasper Woods, a newly-appointed crewmember from Triton assumed command of the ship. The commander is very well thought of, but has a long road ahead of him if he even HOPES to fill in the size awesome shoes left by Adama. Valkyrie was stationed in the Natiili system a small way away from Leonis, at an 'installation for defense' in case the colony went under attack, it was a shelter for the rich and wealthy. One of the members of the ministry of defense, Jack Argon, who was coming to asses the situation. When the attack commenced, the Valkyrie was accompanied by the Gunstar Hades and the Mercury-class Battlestar Nyx. Only two basestars jumped to the system, unaware of the sudden change of location of Battlestar Nyx, The battle was over quickly, in which Nyx and the Hades were destroyed and Valkyrie was heavily damaged.

Battlestar Valkyrie