Battlestar Valkyrie

Origins: Part Three

The cylons attack the Valkyrie, daisbling the power and making them defensless.

    Hector williams was takking a raptor (piloted by lt. Charon, to become the president's temproary security officer.  He and five of his men, of the Blue Wolves, were on the same raptor.

    Williams stepped out of the raptor, walking with the reat of the men towards teh cockpit and the President's office.  On the way, Williams met Dahlia Greystone and the assistant to the president
, whom everyone has no idea what his name is.  He is reffered to as 'Jimmy'.

    Williams meets the president when two cylon basestars jump close to the fleet.  Charon is surprised at the sudden attack and walks to the cockpit, and asks what he can do to help.

    Williams calls the Valkyrie, but the only one available at the time is the master at arms,  Emily Moria.  She tells him to stay there and protect the president.





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