Battlestar Valkyrie

Origins: Part Two

What happened before the cylon attack, told from the perspecitve of Hector Williams. The fleet is constantlly attacked by cylons and the Valkyrie is boarded by centurions.



     Hector Wlliams lived on Picon with his family.  After high school, he joined the military for the money, becoming a marine officer.  He is the leader of the  Blue Wolves, a marine battle group stationed on the Battlestar Valkyrie (see also: Battlestar Valkyrie).  

    When the attack happened, Williams was on the shooting range with Rhesus Priam, another member of the 'Wolves.  They both ran to the barracks, and went to the port hangar deck to repell intruders.

    Walking through the surrounding passages with Priam and other marines, they ran into two centurions.  Their shots were in vain, each only bouncing off of the chrome armor on their chests.

    From one of the ends of the corridors, an Eight, known as Sharron Valerii, pulled out a gun, but was shot square in the forehead by none other than Williams. 

    Reporiting the body to the CIC and going to the hangar to see his friend, Lt. j.g Milo 'Hedgehog' Charon, who returned from space.

    Witnessing  Cpt. Jessica 'Ceto' Ross screaming at deckhands, Williams returns to the bridge and sleeps after a long day of fighting.



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