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The Cylons Attacked,

They Murdered,

They Evolved.

They walk among us,

They Hunt us,

They chase us,

To finish

What they started. 

The cylons had finished their revenge aiganst the humans in a single day, wiping out the citizens of the twelve colonies and sending many starships fleeing into space…

The Battlestar Valkyrie was stationed at the Natiili system, near Leonis.  They were guarding Ministry of Defense member Jack Argon, who was checking the security details of a refuge there.  The Valkyrie was accompanied by Battlestar Nyx and Gunstar Hades, both of which were destroyed in the attack.

The Valkyrie and her fleet roam the stars, looking for a new home.


Player Characters :

Hector Williams 

[[Lt. j.g Milo 'Hedgehog' Charon]]




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