Battlestar Valkyrie

The AESIR class batttlestar was made during the first cylon war, during a time when resources were low and the Colonial's budget was scraping rock bottom. The ship has a less than normal amount of Vipers and Raptors, though it still has good armor and turret armament. The current Commander is Marcus Charon, a smart up-and-coming member of the Colonial Army. We only know of one person who was Commander before him: William Adama The executive officer by the time the game starts is [[Catherine 'Aria' Ariana Capedo]], a smart and vicious tactical commander who has won many medals. She is powerful, smart, resourceful, and beautiful, with short curly bleach-blond hair.


[[Lt. Hugh Baker]]

[[Maj. Marius Fischer]] 

Battlestar Valkyrie

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